Sick of DIETS!!


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Why do I love the New 2B Mindset Program??

I’ve been heavy and I’ve been thin. I have been happy and miserable at both of those times. Your weight does not dictate your happiness, I know. As I get older, I do realize that how you FEEL about your weight can have a big effect on it.

Ive Done a million diets, cleanses, starved myself, counted calories, points and grueling fitness programs. Sometimes I would lose weight and feel pretty happy, but then I would get tired of counting, measuring, or just feeling deprived, and I would end up sabotaging it all and gaining it all back.

That was my vicious cycle. Becoming a Beachbody Coach made a huge difference in my life, 3 1/2 years ago. I LEARNED how to eat for my health! How to exercise for weight loss or muscle toneing.

Here’s a secret….. I still battled with subconscious thoughts about foods I “CANT HAVE” or feelings of guilt after “CHEATING” and eating cake.  I thought that was normal.

Its NOT. These thoughts cause us stress. They lead us to feeling ashamed and guilty. They can even push us down the opposite path. The crazy part???? It’s all in our heads! These actions all stem from what we “think”.

The Good news??? We have TOTAL CONTROL over our thoughts!!! We can change them!

And that’s why I love the New 2B Mindset Program!! This program has showed me that I don’t need to stress about what a I eat! I can lose weight, maintain or even gain weight by knowing these 2B Principles.

Thats why I became a Certified 2B Mindset Mentor. Now I am learning and teaching my Mentor Group and we are working on it together! We are losing weight, keeping it off and feeling happy and satisfied along the way!

This is a major breakthrough in weight loss and living a healthy happy life.

Im accepting 5 new mentees into my program for the 2B Mindset. If you would like to know more, Email me at

Dont wait! It will fill up soon!


A GOAL with out a PLAN is just a wish. 


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Ok, here it is….my motivation. Bought myself a new 2 piece and now gotta get ready to wear it! 
I don’t strive to be perfect, lol. I long to be able to put this on and wear it. Not wear it with a cover up on or pulling and adjusting it constantly out of discomfort. 
Just wear it and hang out on the beach with my kids. Hang out with my husband on vacation without thinking about sucking in my belly. 
I don’t want to look like I’m 25. I just want to look as good as my 40 year old mother of 3 body can look. 
I know a lot of it is in my own head. Exercise plays a big role in that too. 
Most of you already know, I do at home workouts. I used to go to the gym, but I never really knew what to do there and I got bored quickly. 
Are you trying to get in the best shape you can be in? 
Are you trying to feel comfortable with your own body? 

Do you have an event, wedding, graduation, vacation or reunion coming up that you want to put your best self forward for?? 

What’s your motivation and what are you doing about it? 

Personal trainer? 

At home program? 

What’s everyone else doing and WHY?

We are role models, always


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Being a mom is hard!! Teaching you’re children how to be a good human and love others and themselves is hard! 

The one thing I have realized is you get back what you give. Our children do what we do, act how we act, look at themselves the way we look at ourselves. 

It’s not easy and I am sure I’m screwing up every day, lol. But my children are kind hearted and caring. They enjoy life and they love themselves. 

My youngest is 4 and she has started joining in on my workouts. I love it! She feels strong and she loves learning new moves. 

She is always watching. They all are. We need to be our children’s role models. ​

What would you say to your younger self?


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I was thinking how it’s crazy that I am 40 years old and I’m only now comfortable in my own skin and with who I am ( at least most of the time 😉)
Why did it take so long?? 

If I could go back and tell my younger self something, it would be, “you are enough, you are beautiful and don’t compare yourself to others” 
What would you tell your younger self??

Love yourself enough!!


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Today I was finally able to get dressed and be in the world of the living!! 
Alexander Fleming is my hero! It may have been an accident but I’m sure glad for it! 
Having been curled up in a ball for 2 days, not able to do much of anything has made me sooooo APPRECIATIVE of my good health!! 

I was so miserable. But it was only for 2 Days, and then I started to feel gradually better. 

I know there are so many people out there that endure physical pain every day, and can’t find the cure or there just isn’t one. 
I’m so blessed and I’m not waisting it!! 

Tomorrow I’m BACK! I start my hybrid 21 Day Fix/PiYo program and clean eating. I am so excited to get my body back to optimal health, because I can!! 

It would be a travesty, to not be the best me possible. I hope that one person out there will see me going for it and decide to do it too, just because they are able!!

The “Big Life”


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After college, I got a job at an investment company in Downtown Boston. I took the train to work every day. I was proud, because I thought it was what I was “supposed” to do. 
After a few months of very long train rides from Providence to Boston and walking in one too many snow storms I found myself dreading work on Monday mornings. Well, every morning, actually. 

The work I did was tedious, I was just 1 of hundreds. The pay was barely sufficient, and the only thing I liked about the job were the few friends I had made there. 
I would call in sick ( more times than I’d like to admit) and I would drive around beautiful neighborhoods wondering how people could afford to live like this and still enjoy their lives. 
This was the time in my life, about 18 years ago where I started getting this feeling deep in my heart that told me, I was meant to do more. 
As the years passed, I got married, had children and held other jobs, but the feeling in my heart stayed strong, telling me, I was meant to do something more than work in an office 9-5 every day. It just wasn’t what I was here for. But I had no idea what that “other thing” was. 
Tonight I can lay in bed thinking about tomorrow, Monday morning, and I’m happy! Excited even! To check in with my coaches and see how the people In my challenge groups are doing? I love answering their questions and finding out how their weekend went and letting them know, it’s ok if you didn’t get your workouts in!! Today is a new day. 
Most of all, my heart and head are finally at peace. I no longer drive around and wonder how people live these big lives?? Because I now love my own life! I KNOW this is exactly where I belong. It took me 18 years to get here, but it was worth it❤️
If you have that feeling in your heart, telling you, there is something more out there for you, don’t ignore it!! Be open to finding it! It will be worth it! 

Am I on diet??


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“Why are you always on a diet, trying to lose weight?” “Your always drinking those diet Shakes” 

This was a message I got today and It made me wonder, Is this what others think too?? 
I drink this every day because it is an all natural food that includes the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, pro and pre-biotics, protein, fiber and so many other whole ingredients that work together to help my body function at its highest capacity.  
When your body is getting the correct nutrients and functioning at its best, you automatically….
•Have less cravings for junk 

•Have more natural energy throughout the day

•Better digestion

•Sleep better

•Absorb nutrients better

THOSE are the reasons I drink this every day. It just so happens, these things also help you shed lbs that your body just doesn’t need. 
So what do I really notice from drinking it daily??
•Energy to workout at night

•No more cravings for sweets mid day

•Clearer skin! 

•Less belly bloat

•More regular digestion

•Fast easy breakfast or lunch

So that’s why I drink it and talk about it so much. 
So just know I’m not on a perpetual diet, I’m eating healthy and choosing nutritious options to fuel my body.

Fit for the Holidays


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Since today is the official release of the New program CORE De FORCE, so I had to share this lovely ladie , amazing results!
Taryn participated in the CORE De FORCE TEST group and I think these pics speak for themselves!! 
I will be starting this program Nov 28th!! 
I need some workout buddies to do this one with me! Let’s feel kick ass this holiday season and go forward with a plan!
Don’t wait for January to get fit! You’ll be behind the ball!! Comment or Message me to join me in my Nov 28th group! 

**Can not be working with a Team Beachbody coach.

#fitfortheholidays #helloabs

My December Program!!


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Today I tried our NEW fitness program, CORE De FORCE. Ammmaaahhaazing!! 

So fun, quick and sweaty! Be on the lookout for my December group doing this program!! It’s going to be a game changer!! 

This is my friend and fellow coach who was in the test group for this program and these are her before and afters on Day 30! 

Even my 4 year old got in on the sneak peek with me!