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Love Christmas! The anticipation of Santa, Christmas mass, food, family. All of it. I listen to Christmas music from Thanksgiving until New Years. Yes, I’m one of those People. Well this year I had done everything right. Shopped early, got great deals and almost everything my girls asked for. Christmas Eve was great, Chinese food, Polar express and then wrapping and bed. Early morning happy kids. Big breakfast and pj’s. What’s better?? It was a great day.

At 1pm I got a text that my grandfather had passed away. I was close to him. It wasn’t a surprise, he had been sick. Still, shook me. I didn’t tell anyone. I needed to process it. I went through most of the day before telling my husband. He felt bad, hugged me, said he was sorry. I was in a back and forth motion of sad and happy.

When I finally laid my head on my pillow I realized that I was at peace with my “Bupa’s” passing. He gave my grandmother “Nana” the best Christmas gift ever, joining her in heaven. Just before I fell asleep I thought to myself, “if everyone I loved lived a full life and died in old age, I would be doing well”.

Merry Christmas Nana and Bupa, we love you. imageimage