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I have to admit, just the thought of the stomach bug makes me squirm. I hate it! Hate getting it, hate watching my kids have it, hate even hearing others have had it. I use to clean like crazy when I would hear it was going around, and we would still get it! I know, sometimes its inevitable, but I also learned that what I was using to clean wasn’t even working. So this evil bug can live almost anywhere for up to 2 weeks! Regular cleaners don’t do a thing either. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Oh and recently I read that Lysol spray changed its formula and now also kills it.

This evil bug is also know as the norovirus and the Norwalk virus. Whatever its called, its like deaths doorstep. So to keep it out of the house (best you can) here is the obvious, wash your hands! Every time someone comes into the house or uses the bathroom they should wash their hands. From what I have read, its best to wash for a solid minute with hot sudsy soap and water. I personally use the Lysol on the kids backpacks and lunchboxes too. Also, keep your hands away from your face!

As for cleaning, bleach is the way to go. I use bleach diluted with water in a spray bottle. I use it on all hard surfaces a couple of times a week. Def use it in the bathroom. For daily cleaning, I love hydrogen peroxide. Yes the stuff in the brown bottle for $.89! I just take an old spray bottle top and put it right on the bottle. It is light sensitive and will break down in a clear bottle. It is used in hospitals to kill super bugs (those crazy germs that there are no cures for). Its also just water with one extra molecule. Once exposed to air and light it starts to break down into water, in the process it suffocates all the germs. It is corrosive/bleaches on contact so be mindful about what you spray it on.

Oh, and hand sanitizers do not kill it either. I could honestly go on and on but that’s the basic info. Wash your hands, use bleach to disinfect, Lysol spray(only Lysol Brand III, not the generic) and hydrogen peroxide for daily cleaning. To end I have a small list of tips to keep the stomach bug at bay (although, sometimes it just gets ya)

Close the toilet lid (when flushed water particles can be sprayed into the air)

keep toothbrushes hidden (see above, you don’t want those toilet germs on your toothbrush you leave on the counter!)

If someone is sick in the house, use paper towels to dry hands not hand towels. I am rethinking hand towels in my house all together. Im thinking a basket of facecloths, one time use,hhhhmmmm.

wash hands before you eat anything

when eating out during flu season, choose well cooked foods and stay away from salads. Who knows if the staff actually washes their hands correctly. (probably not)

Eat healthy foods of course, I just read eating a lot of refined sugar suppresses the immune system. I haven’t looked into it but its a thought.

Stay healthy, and oh yeah, did I ever mention I was a germaphobe?