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I am used to cooking, I’m no gourmet chef but I like to know what my family is eating so I cook full diners at least 5-6 times a week. I signed up for a “meal planning” program last month but just started it tonight. It gives me weekly menus and directions as well as the grocery list. I have chosen the meal plan with Weight Watcher points since that is what I have decided to try to loose a few lbs. I swear, taking the weekly meal planning off my shoulders was an instant stress relief! My plan is to try each meal as given to me and then makes notes about what we thought as a family. My 9 yr old is the pickiest eater and I have even told her that she must try everything I make. She actually tried fish tonight! She hated it, but she tried it and that’s huge! Tonight’s dish was Athenian tilapia with lemony potatoes. It was pretty good and only took 30 min from start to finish.

I didnt think to take any pics but I will try to document the dinners in the future in case anyone wants the recipes.

Oh, and the WW points for the fish and potatoes was only 8 total! And I was full after!

Its time for bed now, but I will blog tomorrow about my Weight Watchers and exercise challenge. I’m even going to reveal my weight!! Lol, good night!