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My 15 month old fell off my bed the other night onto the hardwood floor on her head.  My oldest, 14 and my 9 year old took the baby, Lyla to play in my bedroom. I had the fleeting thought, it may be a bad idea, but didn’t do anything about it. A little while later I heard a bang, I knew what it was before I heard the crying. the 14 yr old came out of the room carrying the hysterical baby. She said oh it wasn’t that bad, I grabbed her leg as she fell, bla bla bla…. I was furious! I said, “how could you let her fall??” “why weren’t you paying attention??”. I sent her to her room while I tried to calm the baby to no avail. I called her pediatrician. Since it was 7:30 on a Saturday we had to wait for the on call person to get back to us.

What I learned,

as long as there is no bleeding, vomiting, loss of consciousness, or disorientation and they fell from less than 2x their height…..no need to go to ER. Any of the above occur?? Straight to the ER!

Luckily after about 20 min she calmed dowN and seemed no worse for the wear.

Lesson I learned… It was my responsiblity to make sure she was safe not ultimately my 14 yr old daughters.  I had to tell her I was sorry and I was also to blame. I hate admitting guilt, lol.

Don’t overestimate your children’s abilities. don’t get me wrong, my 14 yr old, Taylor, is an amazing child. Smart, innovative, kind, generous and pretty much always does the right thing. She is not an adult or a mother. That’s it. I am and I should have not given her my job, which I did when I let her take the baby to play on the bed. Lesson Learned.