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On the news today was a story about how they have discovered a chemical in baby wipes that is causing rash’s in some children.


I have been using cloth diapers and homemade wipes since my youngest was born 16 months ago and swear by them!

My middle child ALWAYS had a diaper rash, it was horrible. I vowed with my third to make sure she would not go through that. That is when I decided to make my own baby wipes.

You can find nicely made baby wipes on ETSY but I just used some old flannel receiving blankets ( if you have a baby, you def have extra receiving blankets sitting around, who uses those anyway??)  I cut them into approx 6 inch squares. They fray on the edges but, ahhh, who cares, you use them to wipe up poop. You can also use paper towels that can be thrown away.  I use my heated wipe dispenser I got at my baby shower. I don’t plug it in. Here is what I use



I use a glass jar and add

1 1/2 cups warm water

1/2 Tbls all natural baby soap (use a soap that you already use in the tub, that way you know your baby will tolerate it)

1 tsp coconut oil

stir together until coconut oil is dissolved and then pour into wipe container, add wipes and you are ready to clean that baby bum!


Sometimes they are very wet, just add more wipes or I just squeeze out excess water as I use them.

So the gross part, what to do with the poop! I just dump what I can I to the toilet and rinse them in my utility sink, throw them in a covered plastic trash can and wash them every other day.

So there it is. The best way to keep your baby’s bum healthy so they can have more smiles!