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Just made these today! My husband had a beautiful cashmere sweater that had a huge hole in it. That thing was sitting in my dresser for 2 whole years because I couldn’t bear to throw out the über expensive sweater. Today I decided to try to make mittens out of it. ( I saw it on Pinterest at some point) . They came out awesome. If you have an old sweater you can try it.
Trace a mitten around your hand on a piece if paper. Cut it out and then trace it if you can, onto the sweater. I couldn’t so I just held the paper and cut around it. You want to use the bottom hem of the sweater as the cuff of the mitten so you don’t have to hem them, and cut through front and back at the same time. Once you have the 4 cut out pieces just line them up to form a left and right mitten and then your ready to sew! Sew sides together and then turn them inside out, Done! So cute!
These cashmere mittens are also listed for for sale on my Etsy page!

I made these boot socks too!!