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At this time of year I start to get anxious for spring. Especially living in the northeast (I hate snow and cold) I long for summer. To go along with my healthier eating and exercise plan I decided to research a detox drink. I’m not a “cleanse” kind of person, I don’t believe it’s healthy to do that. I do believe flushing out your digestive system every so often is a good thing.
After some research and taste tests I settled on this one. Cucumber, mint and lemon infused water. I usually make it in a pitcher so I can keep filling my glass all day. Cut up half a cucumber, peeled if not organic, a couple sprigs of fresh mint and at lest 1/2 a lemon( I use a 1 whole lemon) just let sit for 10 min and ready to drink. The cucumber has a little bit of a diuretic effect that helps flush toxins and the mint is soothing to the digestive tract. Lemon is a great way of getting vitamin C and many of other health benefits I won’t bore you with here. Google it :).
I try to drink this for a week at least 32 oz a day starting with a big glass right when you get up. I lost a couple of pounds as an added bonus when I did this last year! Try it! Yum!!!