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You know how it goes, new exercise plan seems so easy and fun and you know “this is going to be the key to the body I’ve always wanted!” 2 months later, nothing has changed. Probably because you stopped doing the exercises a month ago. Why does this happen?? I have a lot of will power in the rest of my life! I am a very rational person, I know if I do the exercises and eat right it will work! Why don’t I do it?? I’m so frustrated with myself, not only have I not been exercising, but I have gained 5 lbs! What gives? I blame it on this cold snowy New England winter.

So now what? Start over, something new, dig down inside and find that strength that helped me give birth 3 different times. The strength that helped me through a husband leaving and the strength that I used to raise my baby and teenager without loosing my mind. See! A workout should be easy after that right! Lol, I digress.

So now, a different routine. I am going to get up early, before the baby, and use the elliptical machine I begged my husband for and is now collecting dust. That’s it. I’m starting small, 3 times a week. That’s my goal.

Now, anyone have any strategies they can share with me that work for them to keep up with their workouts? I could use some help 🙂