I had my first overnight with girlfriends since before I was married to my husband, 3 years ago today, 1 baby later. I’m not a big drinker, I love my wine, but that’s about it and 2 glasses is usually my limit. It was St. Patricks Day weekend and the city was crazy! I stayed with 2 girlfriends in a lovely hotel, had a massage and a great dinner. ( that is the biggest sign that I am getting old! I could have gone home after that and been a happy camper) But, we did not go home. We decided to join the craziness and have a few beers. The night was long and besides getting up with my baby, I have not stayed up that late, 3:30 am, in quite some time.

The next morning, uugggg, it was not pretty. Between fighting the urge to be sick and trying to fall back to sleep, I was ready to go home. We finally got ourselves up and on the road home. I was so happy to see the faces of the little ones I had been eagerly escaping the day day before. I cuddled with my baby in bed and thought, was it really worth it? I obviously loose all sense of rationality when intoxicated, hence 3:30 bedtime. I keep thinking we should have gone back to the hotel after dinner. It was fantastic to get away for a bit, and have some grown up chit chat with my girls, but my priorities have definitely changed and I will do things differently next time. Missing out on quality time with my family because of a much too late night out, not worth it. Oh, the night was great fun though!