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Ever get to that point where you walk in and out of a room 3 times before you can remember why you were going in there in the first place? That’s pretty much how I have been feeling all the time lately. I was driving my daughter to dance the other day and looked at her and asked “where are we going?” I literally could not remember where I was going!!

We are all over booked and over schedule I think. But at the same time, it’s almost a necessity. With children, husbands and homes to run it’s easy to get overwhelmed right? I feel that if I was more organized ( which I’m very bad at) it would be easier. I just can’t seem to find the balance right now.

Any of you have strategies that help you keep organized? Bills, laundry, kids schedules, yard work, dance, gymnastics, riding…..help! I’m losing my mind!! Or at least forgetting it at inopportune times!! Lol