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That is the question…..?  

My oldest is a beautiful 15 year old girl. She has friends from school and friends “online”. Online friends are a new phenomenon to me. I grew up in a world that required me to hear the voice or see the face of a person I was communicating with. I call these “online” friends, her imagery friends. She hates that. 

So, not only do they FB message, Instagram message, tweet and who knows what, they also text each other. 

Some of these imaginary friends are boys. This worries me tremendously. I used to be a cute 15 year old and I remember boys at that age. 

My daughter is a good kid. Never in trouble, good in school, loving, kind and tends to make good choices. Because of this I have never taken her phone and looked through it. I can understand that she may need that as an outlet and there may be info in there she would be embarrassed for me to see. But I am the mother……do I snoop? Do I give her privacy? I’m am honestly at a loss. Help!!