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I used to be a die hard Weight Watchers addict. I used to use the app religiously and loose the weight, 10-20 lbs. Then I would stop, gain it back and start all over again. 

I am now a Beachbody coach and have learned how to schedule my workouts and I’m much better now. BUT, I was still having a hard time with the eating! 

In comes the 21 Day Fix Fitness Program. Ok, those containers sat on my counter for 2 months. I was not impressed with the idea at first. 

I finally decided that I would buckle down and figure them out. It was easy, I am an idiot for waiting. Oh well, better late than never. 

I only used them a few times before I could pretty much just eye the food portions. After a few days I realized, they taught me how to portion control!  Ok! That was easy! 

The workouts are awesome and the meal plan made way more sense when I understood the containers. So now 2 1/2 weeks later, down 5 lbs and 3 inches off my waist, I’m a believer! 

This program is not a diet! It is a learning tool to help you re learn what to and how much to eat for your bodies needs. Once you figure it out, you can do it anywhere! 

Want to see for yourself?? Join us Feb 8th!