Ok, so I am a Beachbody Coach. Beachbody is a multi level marketing company. This means that instead of selling their goods in stores, they allow people like me, who use the products and love them, to share our experiences with others and offer the same opportunity to people who also love the products. 

I invite people to free Facebook accountability  groups. I help people get on a healthy exercise and eating lifestyle. These people sometimes want to buy the products and sometimes they don’t. 

I don’t even care if they buy nothing as long as they find the groups helpful. 

A pyramid scheme is when people pay $$ to get into the business and then go recruit others to pay to be in the business. No products change hands.  Look up the meaning of pyramid scheme before you accuse someone

So obviously that is far from what I do. This is why I get so defensive when people say it’s a pyramid scheme!! Ugh! It’s not! 

Ok rant done!