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What is fear?? A made up thought in our heads. We start to go over what we believe the outcomes could be to an action and for some reason we focus on negative outcomes. 

Time feeds fear. The longer you think about the action the worse the fear becomes and the more negative outcomes you come up with. 

Why do we make these things up in our heads?? Fear is fake, made up, and we do it to ourselves!! 

Stop overthinking things! I see my kids do it, my team do it, and I even find myself doing it! When I realize I’m not proceeding with something because I feel afraid, or nervous, or fearful. I just STOP!!! Take a deep breath and think, ” what is the outcome I would like to happen?” Then I totally focus on that, and only that! 

Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward in your life or your dreams! 

“FEAR IS FAKE” Believe it.