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I’m a Beachbody Coach and I work, maybe 2 hours a day on my business. It’s MY business! I have no boss, no set schedule. I stay home with my 3 year old and drive my other 2 children to and from school every day. 

I make more money in 2 hours a day than I did working as a office manager, 30 hours a week.

I help people every day progress to their health and fitness goals. That’s it!!! 

This business costs me $4 day to operate. 

So when people turn down this opportunity, I am always floored. I can’t understand it. Honestly, who doesn’t have an hour a day to build a business that could help them double their income!! 

So why not you? You like to be heathy and fit? 

You like to help others? You like money? 

Why not you? 
*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of income. Income is based on the effort each coach puts into their business.