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I love this quote! 
It can mean so many different things to everyone. 

I first saw it when I had joined a health and fitness challenge group over a year ago. I realized, if I wanted to actually be fit and in good health, I was going to have to change my lifestyle and my mind set. And I did, because I was ready! 
The next time this quote really spoke to me was when I decided to take a giant step out of my comfort zone and join Beachbody as a coach. And I did, because I knew I was meant for bigger things than sitting in an office every day working for someone else’s dreams. Again, I had to change my lifestyle and my mind set. 

Making a change, big or small in your life, is scary. But without fear, there is no change. Embrace the fear and go for whatever it is you need to change in your life! It will be worth it!!