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I made this graphic for my coaching opportunity page on Facebook. After I posted it, I kept reading it over and over and am really in love with it! 

This is what my Health & Fitness Business embodies! It’s my passion and I absolutely love watching people work toward and reach goals they didn’t think they could!

I don’t “sell” stuff. I offer FREE support to anyone who wants to get healthy. That’s it. If it ends up with them doing one of the Beachbody programs or drinking Shakeology because they actually see the benefits, that’s icing on the cake. 

Beachbody, as a company, has the goal to “End the trend of obeisety!” I see this progression every day. In my free challenge groups, I hear about people who have stopped having to take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, crones disease, Lymes disease, playing more with their kids, jogging a mile for the first time and generally feeling happier about their life. 

What more could I ask for out of a career??!!