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As a busy mom, I have definitely gotten to the end of the day and thought, “did I drink anything today??” 

We lose track of time, or we just don’t want to stop what we’re doing and then we get beyond the thirsty point and just forget, right? 

Since I became a health & fitness coach a little over a year ago, I realized how important water actually is to my body. I used to get heart palpitations a lot. I’ve had multiple cardiographs done and all have come back fine. Every time, my Dr. Told me, it was because I was dehydrated. But I felt fine!! 

Or at least I thought so. When I started paying closer attention and began drinking about 70 ounces of water a day, it became clear. Not just my urine ( lol, that does happen too!) 

I actually had more energy during the day. I didn’t over eat at meals, and (sorry TMI) I was actually going to the bathroom like a normal person!! Always with a child in the room, but I was going! 

Fellow moms will understand what I mean by “going” 😜

So drink your water!! Add lemon, berries, mint, cucumber whatever makes it taste the best to you, but do it!!