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I’m 40. Ahhh, yes 40!! Lol, I can remember when I thought 30 was old. 😂
I’ve lived most of the last 20 years of my life, waking through aimlessly. Just doing what I knew I had to do to get “through” life. 
After a divorce that shook me up, I started to actively look and pray for the “something, opportunity” that was going to “change” my life, I knew there had to be more than this. 
I had no idea what that was! Lol I just knew in my heart, there was something that was going to take me out of the “get through life” mode.
My prayers were answered when I was invited to join a health & fitness group to help me lose those last 10 stubborn baby weight lbs. 
At 40 years old, I’m building my own business, meeting new amazing people and actually helping others be the best they can be. I feel like I’m exactly where I want to be. My heart is now content. 
Don’t settle for “getting through” life!! It’s never too late to find your passion and make it part of your life! Find the Best Version Of You, and be it!!!