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Here we go!!!! My Final Results! Day 21 of 21
I made a commitment to myself 21 days ago to do the 21 Day Fix Fitness program and drink Shakeology for 21 days. 
I’ve tried this before and failed. I didn’t stick to the workouts, I didn’t stick to my healthy eating, totally gave up on myself in the end. 0 results. 
I knew I was better than that! I know that when I make a commitment to a friend, my child, my husband, I HONOR it! Why am I not as important?? 
So that was it! I decided to do it for me and I did!! 
It was hard. I’m not perfect, I cheated on my Eating a couple of times but overall, I stuck to it and I did ever single workout! 
So here they are, my final results….
Down 7lbs (goal was 10lbs, I’m human 😉)

1 1/2 inches off my chest

2 1/2 inches off my waist! 

2 inches off my hips!

1/2 inch off each thigh!! 

Thank you to my Facebook friends that have been supporting me! Huge thank you to my challenge group peeps for showing me so much love and support!! 
Now on to round 2!