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“Why are you always on a diet, trying to lose weight?” “Your always drinking those diet Shakes” 

This was a message I got today and It made me wonder, Is this what others think too?? 
I drink this every day because it is an all natural food that includes the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, pro and pre-biotics, protein, fiber and so many other whole ingredients that work together to help my body function at its highest capacity.  
When your body is getting the correct nutrients and functioning at its best, you automatically….
•Have less cravings for junk 

•Have more natural energy throughout the day

•Better digestion

•Sleep better

•Absorb nutrients better

THOSE are the reasons I drink this every day. It just so happens, these things also help you shed lbs that your body just doesn’t need. 
So what do I really notice from drinking it daily??
•Energy to workout at night

•No more cravings for sweets mid day

•Clearer skin! 

•Less belly bloat

•More regular digestion

•Fast easy breakfast or lunch

So that’s why I drink it and talk about it so much. 
So just know I’m not on a perpetual diet, I’m eating healthy and choosing nutritious options to fuel my body.