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Why do I love the New 2B Mindset Program??

I’ve been heavy and I’ve been thin. I have been happy and miserable at both of those times. Your weight does not dictate your happiness, I know. As I get older, I do realize that how you FEEL about your weight can have a big effect on it.

Ive Done a million diets, cleanses, starved myself, counted calories, points and grueling fitness programs. Sometimes I would lose weight and feel pretty happy, but then I would get tired of counting, measuring, or just feeling deprived, and I would end up sabotaging it all and gaining it all back.

That was my vicious cycle. Becoming a Beachbody Coach made a huge difference in my life, 3 1/2 years ago. I LEARNED how to eat for my health! How to exercise for weight loss or muscle toneing.

Here’s a secret….. I still battled with subconscious thoughts about foods I “CANT HAVE” or feelings of guilt after “CHEATING” and eating cake.  I thought that was normal.

Its NOT. These thoughts cause us stress. They lead us to feeling ashamed and guilty. They can even push us down the opposite path. The crazy part???? It’s all in our heads! These actions all stem from what we “think”.

The Good news??? We have TOTAL CONTROL over our thoughts!!! We can change them!

And that’s why I love the New 2B Mindset Program!! This program has showed me that I don’t need to stress about what a I eat! I can lose weight, maintain or even gain weight by knowing these 2B Principles.

Thats why I became a Certified 2B Mindset Mentor. Now I am learning and teaching my Mentor Group and we are working on it together! We are losing weight, keeping it off and feeling happy and satisfied along the way!

This is a major breakthrough in weight loss and living a healthy happy life.

Im accepting 5 new mentees into my program for the 2B Mindset. If you would like to know more, Email me at


Dont wait! It will fill up soon!