Results of Commitment


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Here we go!!!! My Final Results! Day 21 of 21
I made a commitment to myself 21 days ago to do the 21 Day Fix Fitness program and drink Shakeology for 21 days. 
I’ve tried this before and failed. I didn’t stick to the workouts, I didn’t stick to my healthy eating, totally gave up on myself in the end. 0 results. 
I knew I was better than that! I know that when I make a commitment to a friend, my child, my husband, I HONOR it! Why am I not as important?? 
So that was it! I decided to do it for me and I did!! 
It was hard. I’m not perfect, I cheated on my Eating a couple of times but overall, I stuck to it and I did ever single workout! 
So here they are, my final results….
Down 7lbs (goal was 10lbs, I’m human 😉)

1 1/2 inches off my chest

2 1/2 inches off my waist! 

2 inches off my hips!

1/2 inch off each thigh!! 

Thank you to my Facebook friends that have been supporting me! Huge thank you to my challenge group peeps for showing me so much love and support!! 
Now on to round 2! 


Be Your Best Friend


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Why is it so hard for us to honor our commitments to ourselves. We are good at following through on our commitments to others, our friends, families and children. But when it comes to ourselves, we are quick to give up. 
At least that’s my story. I always start and commit to something like, a fitness plan, organization, healthy eating, skin regimen, and so on, but after a few days/week, I find some excuse to stop. 
Imagine if we let down our family and friends as much as we let ourselves down?? 
Well this week, I didn’t let myself down, and I’m pretty psyched about it! Lol
I stuck to my commitment to do a workout every day, stick to healthy eating and the BIGGEST one for me, NO WINE!😮
Be a good friend to yourself and honor your commitments to yourself. It feels pretty amazing🌟

Day 1 is in the books!


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How many times have you started a fitness program and then faded out by week 2? 

I’ve done it way too many times. People always think I just exercise daily and eat well with little effort. NOT!! 

I’m great at coaching others! I love watching people succeed and see how much more they can do that they thought. But I need motivation to do it for myself. 

So I have committed to the 21 Day Fix Program and Shakeology for 21 Days. I have a small group of ladies doing it along side me and I’m feeling really good this time! 

We all need a push sometimes and I’m grateful that I have a group I can lean on to push me while I push them! 

Today was Day 1! I am going to post a pic everyday on here to help keep me that much more accountable! I am determined to lose 10 lbs over the next 20 days. Let’s do this!! 

Sleep walking in life


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Have you ever driven across town and once you get there, you have little recollection of the drive? 

So many people are just “getting through life”.  Get up every day, go through your morning routine, kids off to school, go to a Job that we may or may not like. Get through the day and then the evening is spent trying to get errands, activities, dinner, homework, laundry done so we can get to bed so we can wake up and do it all over the next day. 

This was me!! I never gave it much thought though. I was always taught, you work, have a family, work some more, fun is limited to days off from work and hope you can make enough money to go on vacation or start saving some money. 

Is this what life is about? Just getting “through” it??  

Now that I have made the realization that there can be so much more, I can’t imagine living any other way. 

You can have the life you “want”!! Really!! You can! Write down what your dream life would be. Then write down what would need to happen for you to have that life. Has anyone else in history been able to do it? If the answer is yes, you can too! 

It’s really that simple! Crazy right!! 

Here’s the catch! You must believe you can make it happen. In your heart! In your mind! 

If that seems out of reach, you need some big time personal development!! Read or listen on audible, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero or “Maximum Achievment” by Brian Tracy. 

Just try it!! It could be a little decision that could change your whole life!

Not a priority 


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As a health and fitness coach I hear the phrase, “I don’t have the time”, every day. 

Being a mom of 3 I know what it’s like to be busy and have every second of your day scheduled. But, within that schedule is, Dentis appt, Shower, brush my teeth, get gas for the car. 

Those things are scheduled in because they are a priority to you. You can’t say, “I just don’t have the time to stop for gas”. Because without it, you won’t get where you’re going anyway! 

Think of your body, like your car, exercise and healthy food is your gas. If you don’t make time to fuel your body, it won’t get you where you want to go. 

So maybe we need to think about exercise and healthy eating in a different way…..

It needs to be a priority

Cancer Sucks!


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Talking to some people today who donated to support my walk for Dana Farber Cancer Research. 
They all had stories of how cancer has touched their lives. If you have had a loved one with cancer, you know how important it is to find a cure. 
Please consider clicking the link below to donate! 
Thank you!! 

Where would I be?


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I’m sitting after a busy Sunday, with a glass of wine and thinking about a question that was asked on a team call last week……..
“What would your life be like without Beachbody in it?”
Seems simple enough, right? 
But then I thought about it for a bit…..
My answer was, “a piece of my heart would be missing” 

I’ve been a stay at home for most of the last 16 years. There were rough times where I had to pick up a part time job and ask family to work around my work schedule to watch my kids. 
After my divorce, I had to put my 3 year old baby into daycare. She hated it, I cried every day I dropped her off. I used to keep telling myself, “there is another solution to this”, “there is something bigger for me out there”. I knew it in my heart, but I couldn’t find it! Trust me, I searched! 
I was blessed to be able to stay home when I had my 3rd child. But, I was going to have to go back to work as soon as she was in school. That thought has stressed me out, since she was born. She will be 4 in 2 weeks. 
I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for just over a year and the sense of relief and butterflies is overwhelming when I think about how “I finally found the THING!!” This is the thing that was out there for me! I am at home with my girls, I get to work with really amazing, smart, loving and supportive people every day! I’m able to help support my family financially more than any part time job could do and I help people realize strength within themselves and reach goals that truly impact their lives in a positive way. 
So where would I be without Beachbody?? 
Sad, stressed about finding a part time job with mothers hours, not feeling the pride of being able to contribute financially to my family and worrying about who would bring kids to school, pick up, drive to gymnastics, dance, cover for sick days, vacation, most of you all ready know this stress. 
So, I’m sitting here feeling amazed at how a simple “have you ever thought about coaching?” Totally changed the course of my life for the better.